Giuvlipen Theatre Company (Bucharest)

Running time: 2 h
Age limit: 12+



Live music: PŒTRIP
Set and costume design: LAURENȚIU RIDICHIE
Directed by: MIHAI LUKÁCS

What do you feel when you're the victim of your own mind, trapped in a medical system which instead of helping you tells you that your medical problem is in fact cultural? Or that your problem is specific to your ethnic group?
How does it feel when the doctors are fighting for their principles while you're fighting for survival?
For Gilda oranges are blue. She was in a psychiatric ward for a month, but now she wants to leave. A young doctor, convinced that she requires further medical care, is keeping her in the hospital against her will. The head of the psychiatric ward, on the other hand, believes that people like Gilda can't be helped and that the taxpayers' money is being wasted by treating people like her.
In this clash of etnicity, mental health and medical ethics, Gilda is cought in the middle. If you were her, how would you free yourself?